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Long time Meg babe Trish has generously donated many of her pieces to the Meg Archive — just in time for our Sustainability Month! 

We caught up with her recently to learn about what she's been up to and some of her favorite Meg pieces. Keep reading to learn more about Trish and her Archive donations (trust us, you won't want to miss them!)

Q: What are you up to these days?

A: Right now, I'm a designer that guides meaningful change through woven creativity and strategy. I'm also an energy healer and an akashic record reader. Quite a mouthful! 

I help co-create experiences that assist in empowering others, often women. I am also an urban homesteader with various craft and artist skills — cooking, baking, spinning fiber, weaving, and sewing. 

I love to travel, wander the world, and seek out new perspectives. I'm originally midwestern, but after many decades here, very much a Brooklynite! 

Q: How did you get introduced to the Meg brand?

A: I met Meg in 1997 or 1998 in her East Village store, along with the cats that lived in the basement. As a college graduation gift, my stepfather offered to buy me my first suit, and it came from Meg! It wasn't the traditional set that he was expecting, but it perfectly suited me and the design world I was in. 

Q: Do you have any fun stories about your Meg pieces? 

A: The cowboy skirt that is part of this donation is certainly memorable! I got it in honor of my Texan stepfather. How could one not immediately smile when seeing that print?

I adore Meg, her style approach, and the fact that the clothes tend to be timeless, or at least well suited to this GenXer's notion of that. I love supporting independent women designers and Meg has been a huge part of my closet and memories.

Q: Do you have any favorite upcoming spring trends?

A: I wouldn't say that I am a trend follower, I do what works for me no matter the season. I love fabrics and silhouettes that are comfortable, airy, and easy. Pretty much anything good for layering year-round. 

Q: Where can we find you?

A: I'm not on socials much anymore, but I'm @dishabklyn on Instagram. 

If you'd like to make a large Archive donation and be featured on our blog and socials, contact Taylor at 

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