Celebrating Policy Leader Rebecca Brown

Boerum Hill New York

We’re excited to celebrate Rebecca Brown as our April Ambassador, a Meg client and established policy leader in New York State and throughout the United States. Rebecca has developed strategies for hundreds of policy efforts, testified in dozens of legislative hearings, and has led national policy work to reform the criminal justice system.


Rebecca wears the Christopher Dress in Teal

We photographed her this spring in her Brooklyn apartment. Keep reading to check out her favorite Meg pieces and learn more about the vital policy work that she’s accomplished throughout her career. 

Rebecca helped to form and then directed the policy team at The Innocence Project for 18 years, where she successfully lobbied for the passage of more than 200 criminal legal reform laws. 

Rebecca wears the Elastic Armhole Top in White and the Odette Pant in Schoolgirl Plaid. 

Rebecca wears the Cowl Top in Sunflower and the Carpenter Jean in Navy.

She started her career at the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), where she investigated allegations of police misconduct for the City of New York. 

In 2023, Rebecca received the Hero of Justice Award from the Pennsylvania Innocence Project for showing sustained commitment to achieving criminal justice for all. 

Rebecca wears the Liquid Dress in Silver. 

Last year she also launched her own firm, Maat Strategies LLC. Maat Strategies works with social justice organizations engaged in criminal legal reform to design and develop successful state and federal policy agendas. 

On April 18th, we celebrated Rebecca, her achievements, and her new business at our Boerum Hill store. 

Rebecca wears the Angles Jump in Olive. 
To learn more about Rebecca Brown and Maat Strategies, visit https://www.maatstrategies.com/rebecca-brown.

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