Meet Our New Store Manager, Martika Hill

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We've got a new member on our team, and we can't wait to share her with you! Martika Hill is the newest Meg stylist and Store Manager of the Boerum Hill store. Make sure you stop in and show her some love! 

Keep reading to learn more about Martika, her interests, and her fashion background. 

Martika in Black Seersucker.
Martika wears the Gathered Neck Jump in Black Seersucker.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

A: I'm from Queens, born and raised. I'm a Mom to a two-year-old named Miko. I am also a chef, I went to culinary school years ago and I love to cook. I also read a lot, about three to four books a month. I love to dance and sing, and of course, I love clothes and sneakers. 

Q: How did you start working in fashion? 

A: I've been in retail since I was in high school. I've always loved shoes, and in college, I started working at DSW and I stayed there until I graduated. I then tried my hand at corporate America, and it was not as fun as retail. I eventually ended up back in retail at big box stores, such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales. I didn't love working in big box stores either and eventually found small business retail and I've been in this world ever since. 

Q: What is your favorite piece of clothing that you own? 

A: That's hard, there are a few. One would have to be the Double Belted Overthrow Jump from Meg. It's very much my style because it goes with boots and sneakers. I just love how oversized it is. There's also this silk windbreaker that I got from Supreme about eight years ago that I love. 

Martika in the Overthrow Jumpsuit
Martika wears the Double Belted Overthrow Jump in White. 

Q: What do you think that all women need in their wardrobe? 

A: Every woman should own a flattering black dress, a good pair of blue jeans, and a great pair of sneakers. A lot of times women are apprehensive when it comes to sneakers because they don't know what fits their style. There are so many options — there are chunky, low-top, and high-top, trainers...the possibilities are endless. 

Q: So what's your favorite it sneakers? 

A: Definitely sneakers and handbags. I am a sucker for a good handbag, whether it's an oversized tote or a small wallet on a chain. My partner is very tired of me bringing home handbags, but he has no choice. 

Q: What does fashion mean to you?

A: Fashion to me is an expression of personality. A lot of times you can find out who a person is by how they dress. My closet is very eclectic, it goes from super feminine and girly to super streetwear and everything in between. 

I have a lot of fun mixing the two, I love to wear a girly dress with my Air Jordan 4s. I love to be expressive and I love to take risks with fashion. Sometimes wearing the piece that you're not the most comfortable in, may actually be what everyone else loves. 

Martika in the Soleil Dress
Martika wears the Soleil Dress in Charcoal. 

Q: What do you like about working in small retail? 

A: From a customer service standpoint, there's a lot of personalization with the customer. I really get to know them, their life, their children, and their partners. Compared to big-box retail, where there are hundreds of people coming and going each day, in small retail there could be only one or two customers all day. Those interactions that I have could make or break my daily or monthly sales. 

My favorite part of working in small retail is the camaraderie that I have with my team since it is usually small. I get to know the team very well and we become quite close. There's no job too big or too small for anyone because we are all working towards the same goal. 

Q: Do you have any fun summer plans? If so, what will you be wearing?

A: Yes! I am going to a wedding in Mexico, and I will be wearing the Kaftan in Coral, as per Taylor and Meg's recommendations. I also have my anniversary in August, and we are going to a wine tasting. I think I am going to wear the Double Belted Overthrow Jumpsuit in White. It's risky, but I will plan to just drink white wine and maybe eat some cheese. 

Q: You've been at Meg for two weeks now. What has been your experience so far?  

A: So far I've loved the attention that we give our customers, and how we get to know their stories. It's also very inspiring to watch Meg do her thing and to see the designer and the owner get so immersed in her own brand. 

I truly love the clothes. As a new-ish mom, the way that my body has changed from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy to now being postpartum, it's nice to come somewhere and be able to find clothes that not only fit but actually compliment my body.

Here there is something for everyone. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and these pieces are able to complement many different body types very well. 

Thanks so much for this interview, Martika! We are so excited to have you join the Meg team. 

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