Your Go-To Summer Sandals and How to Style Them ft. Shoemaker Lisa B.

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Like many fashions born from necessity and practicality, clogs have endured the test of time. From Dutch working class origins to the runways of Dior, Gucci and the like, clogs are here to stay. The practical silhouette designed in 14th century Holland has a cool architectural element when worn today. The platform provides height while the carved out heel provides more of an appearance of heel, without the uncomfortable incline, at least among the more practical designs. Such is the case for Pennsylvania-based shoemaker lisa b. who makes unassumingly functional and oh so fashionable designs inspired by the classics. We caught up with the fellow female-founder to learn a bit about her company and share fun ways to style your new go-to summer shoe.


What inspired the launch of lisa b.?

I was newly married and working for a large company that required me to travel quite a lot. I missed my husband and decided it was time to launch my own line so that I could control my own destiny. I made this decision on a 4th of July weekend, declaring my own independence from the corporate world.

Closed-Toe clogs are great for transitional weather and elevate frayed denim for a chic casual look.
Clog sandals and summer dresses are match made in heaven.

How did you decide to produce in Spain?

We have always tried to make our products in the US whenever possible. Our very first shoe collection was conceived and produced right here in Pennsylvania. We had to move production out of the US when the factory closed. We then started working with our agent in Spain who has become like family to us. We still continue to make our socks and tees here in the US.

Crisp white clogs create a polished look and balance out lightweight culottes. They’re easy to slip off, but you might not want to take them off! 


Sandals with socks may seem daring, but it absolutely works as evidenced above. It's an unexpected but fashion-forward way to style clog sandals into fall and winter.

What inspires your collections?

We are inspired by the classics. That's always our go-to source.

No longer does the fashion world malign brown leather with black garments. In fact, caramel clog sandals pop nicely against a black geometric print.

How are you coping with our current state of the world as a business owner?

Like everyone else, we have some good days and some not so good days. On a not so good day we worry about our families and friends. We pray they stay safe and healthy. Ours hearts break for all the pain and loss humanity is experiencing. On a good day we are inspired and hopeful and even a little excited to bear witness to new opportunities that can rise from the ashes.

Amen to that.

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