March 17, 2020

Three Ways To Style Suiting Outside Of The Office

While we thoroughly appreciate the joys of getting dressed, we understand the process is not always without conundrum. Fortunately, styling and getting dressed is our bread and butter so we come bearing solutions.

Despite the uncertainty ushered in by the global pandemic, perhaps nothing has come into sharper focus one year later than the new ways we work and the new ways we dress. But don’t toss out your workwear just yet; according to a trend reports and tastemakers, we’re likely to see a reactionary shift in how we dress in a post-covid world. In other words, people are antsy to get dolled up and celebrate the roaring twenties, 21st century-style. 

Whether you’re leaning into more comfortable looks, or ready to snap back into your old fabulous high-heeled ways, below are three ways to style that suit collecting dust in your closet, now or later.

With a T-shirt or Tank 

Diana wears the Kai Pant and Short Holden Blazer paired with the Boobie Tank

Sans Shirt

Diana wears the Kai Pant and the Short Holden Blazer in mustard

Paired With Sneakers 

Diana wears the Kai Pant in periwinkle with a grey rib knit sweater and sneakers