April 07, 2021

How To Style Sweatpants Beyond The Couch

Photo credit: Getty Images

While we thoroughly appreciate the joys of getting dressed, we understand the process is not always without conundrum. Fortunately, styling and getting dressed is our bread and butter so we come bearing solutions.

The Conundrum 

Styling Sweatpants for the imminent reopening of public life because you want to be cozy, but not sloppy.

Are you wondering to do with that stack of sweats you purchased during quarantine now that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel? The good news is that athleisure has been trending since pre-pandemic days and it doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon, nor is there any shortage of ways to style and elevate your sweatpants beyond the couch. 

Photo credit: Getty/Lacoste

The Solution 

Pair your sweats with more polished but still comfortable pieces. Think simple but elegant flats, moto leather jacket, and a classic button up.

Diana Wears the Feminist Sweatpants in Apple Green

A fun color pairing or conversely, a matching set with elevated accessories, are additional easy ways to make sweats suitable for brunch or a park date. Pair Apple Green sweatpants with a cropped red sweater, or wear a matching set with a sleek blazer.