April 22, 2022

Celebrate Earth Day with us.

Act boldly, be innovative and strive for equity. Reduce, reuse and recycle.

The production of textiles uses huge amounts of water that is polluted with dyes and chemicals. Then, forty million tons of textiles go into landfills each year. We must reduce our footprint now.

What you can do: Buy locally, using Meg’s stylists to help you make your best clothing choices. Reuse by buying second hand at the Archive Store. Fun is the extra bonus. Recycle by participating in the Buy Back Program and facilitate reuse by others. We always need stock.

Meg’s Archive Store is unique in that it is a collection of her work from as far back as the 90’s to as near as last season. Now housed in her flagship store at 312 E9th St, it is a home of great memories, a part of her environmental program and her community outreach efforts. Come and find your favorite pieces from the past. 20% of every purchase goes to Planned Parenthood NYC, who helps womxn with affordable health care, sex education and family planning services.

Bring us your well- loved Meg pieces that are begging to be renewed this season and participate in the Buy Back Program that gives you 15% off your next Meg purchase. Help other womxn dress to become their best. Reused clothing is a life saver for those getting started.

Taylor, our Archive Store manager

The Archive Store is a historical collection with a future purpose. Help Meg help our planet, the ripple effects are powerful. We appreciate and thank you for your participation. See you at the Archive Store!