June 08 2020

A Letter From Meg 

I struggle to find the adequate words to address the recent events surrounding a string of wrongful police killings and centuries of racism; but I’m going to try. If I’ve learned anything recently it’s that silence is complicity, and I will not be silent, not when I have privilege and a platform. We at Meg stand in solidarity with the Black community and condemn not only the murders of Breeona Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade, and too many others like them, but also the systemic and structural inequalities that brought us here. 

But words aren’t enough, so what actions will we take? We will start by sharing this list of resources thoughtfully compiled by @botanicaldyke. There is an overwhelming amount of information already thoughtfully being shared by activists and allies everywhere, and we’re so grateful that this young activist and law student put in the work. In addition examining and educating ourselves, we will use this list to take action through petitions, donations, emails, phone calls, and all the resources thoughtfully compiled here that help us to be active citizens.

As a company, I will pledge 10% of June sales split among the Marsha P. Johnson Institute which advocates for Black trans people, The Loveland Foundation which provides financial assistance for Black women and girls seeking mental health support, and Black Lives Matter which of course works tirelessly to eradicate white supremacy. As ardent and vocal feminists we must assure that our feminism is intersectional.

Racism doesn’t end tomorrow. Now what? As members of the fashion and retail community, we will sign the 15% pledge created by Aurora James, founder of Brooklyn-based sustainable fashion brand Brother Vellies.  This campaign calls on major retailers to devote 15% of their shelf space to Black-owned businesses because Black people comprise 15% of the US population, a figure not yet represented on the shelves of Whole Foods, Target, Sephora and the like. We will also hold ourselves accountable and pledge to devote a minimum 15% of our accessories buy towards black-owned brands and creators. Frankly, these brilliant black creators and business owners are out there, we just never truly examined the ways we can use our position to upend the status quo and it’s time we start.

If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll join us in our actions. If you know of an amazing black-owned fashion accessories brand that you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thank you to everyone doing the work. Thank you to the activists and POCs and Black folks doing the heavy lifting of organizing work under unimaginable circumstances and creating resources that help us all do better. 


Megan Kinney